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Nowadays, people put more and more value on the concept of energy efficiency or that of saving energy for the welfare of the environment and, therefore, for our own welfare. More and more tips can be found on how to save energy wherever you are, at home, at the office, at school and so on. Also, this concept provides economic advantages, too and it is as diverse as the one of energy supply.

You must have heard of the term “green energy”. Well, this term is used to define sources of energy which are good for the environment, like solar energy or wind energy, for example. Even nuclear power is a green source of energy. The secret about this whole concept is the fact that it relies on a small number of carbon emissions and that it is less pollutant. Electricity is the domain where you can most often encounter this term of green energy , but even if you are talking about heating and cooling, about water heating or about cogeneration, the principle is the same.

As far as apartments are concerned, this is maybe the most relevant example that energy saving equals cost saving and comfort. It is very important to make the right decisions in every situation even if it concerns the simplest choice of turning off your TV or a complex DIY plumbing matter. When it comes to heating and cooling in a home, there are different ways to be efficient from the point of view of energy, such as choosing, installing and using window treatments or window coverings or choosing caulk or weather-strip exterior doors and windows.

When it comes to water heating and different installations such as water heaters or boilers, you can use energy efficient strategies such as cutting down on the hot water you use, lowering the water heating temperature, insulating hot water pipes  or your water heater tanks or installing a system to recover drain-water heat, a timer or heat traps on your water heater tanks.

Also, you can start saving some energy from the very moment you choose your water heater, by paying attention to its fuel and size, to the life-cycle costs and by cutting down on the operating costs. Later on, of course, you will have to watch the well functioning of this system, assuring it the best maintenance and the best plumbing supplies to serve to its purpose.

Considerable amount of energy for both commercial and domestic's purposes can be also saved by upgrading fixed speed pumps systems to variable speed pumps (VSDs). There are reports that claim using variable speed pumps in secondary chilled water systems can reduce energy consumption by more than two thirds.

As far as electricity is concerned, the main energy saving tips have to do with buying clean electricity, which actually means buying green power, making your own green power and cutting down on the amount of electricity you usually consume.

Of course, there are many other ways to save energy, these being only some of the main or general fields you can do something in and only in big lines. There are plenty of energy saving tips , each one depending on the appliance or feature in discussion. Think about all the things such as: turning off your TV, your computer or the lights when you don't use them, allowing the sun to enter your home in winter, replacing air conditioning with fans all summer long, have your machine wash your clothes with cold water instead of hot one and so on and about the good they do to everybody.









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