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In order to extend life span of your pumping stations and other pumping equipment, limit possible breakdowns and make sure that your equipment is up to date with current environmental regulations, ongoing maintenance and overhaul is required. The Pump Practitioners offer scheduled, periodic service, maintenance and repair (if required) of Pump systems and other related equipment as frequently as our customers require. Our offer covers units installed by our company as well as systems previously maintained by other companies. Service agreements are available at unbeatable prices and we look after most modern as well as obsolete equipment regardless of make and condition. Pump Practitioners provide detailed reports of carried out work as well as recommendations regarding serviced equipment.

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Our standard service program includes following points:

  • Test operation of controls by lifting float switches manually
  • Examine control panel for any undue noise or vibration during operation
  • Check all connections in control panel, tighten as necessary, including bulbs
  • Check starter contactors for wear
  • Check correct fuses are fitted / overloaded settings are correct
  • Check motor bearing for wear using stethoscopes & non contact thermometers
  • Lubricate bearings as required
  • Carry out earth continuity tests
  • Carry out insulation tests of panel, cables and motors
  • Check break tank is clean
  • Check for leaks on tanks and associated pipework
  • Check expansion vessels for sign of corrosion
  • Changeover duty/standby sequence
  • Inspect all circulating water connection, joints etc. for leakage
  • Check water head level
  • Check pressure system for correct operation
  • Check temperature of motor for overheating
  • Check pump is generating correct pressure
  • Check mechanical fixing and couplings are secure
  • Check all storage tank overflows for discharge
  • Visually inspect all pipe hangers and supports
  • Check all insulation for damage
  • Check condition of all flexible pipe connection
  • Check condition and type of transducer
  • Condition of NRV
  • Check Surge protection
  • Check System pressure at time of Visit
  • Check Vibration of motor / Manufacturers recommendation
  • Check Earth bonding condition
  • Check Isolation valve (yes/no - size of valve)

For vessels on pressure systems:

  • Drain vessel down
  • Check internal pressure
  • Check any visible corrosion of vessel
  • Check isolation valves
  • Check drain cock
  • Check access to vessel
  • If required for insurance purposes - internal inspection

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